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Are you a singer, actor or any other type of performer? Do you wanna start performing or record yourself but you don't have the right tools? 

On this page I will show you the best and most accessible gadgets and equipment I currently use or have used, both as a singer and as an actress. Whether it is for your self-tapes, content or your next gig, I hope you will find the perfect tools for your artistic work and expression. 

Just click on the "Shop" buttons below the products you are interested in and start shopping!

Pro Singer Tools


Wired Microphone

This Microphone has been with me since the start of my singing business. Mine no longer looks as pretty as in the picture and has taken quite a beating. Yet it still works as perfectly as the first time. Plus, it is quite affordable for such a good quality mic. Get yours here!


Phone Holder

Music stands are slowly becoming a thing of the past as more and more musicians use their phones and tablets to read their music. Click "Shop" if you want to get a phone holder like mine.


Large Speakers

Here are the speakers I've used to perform at bigger venues and for bigger  crowds. I normally use two of these.

Sound Mixer

If you're gonna use large speakers, you're gonna need a good mixer to properly equalize your sound. Get mine here!

20231021_112029 (1).heif

Wireless Microphone

A good wireless microphone is a great investment for singers and performers. It will give you way more mobility and freedom during your performances. Get yours here!


Microphone Cables

If your microphone isn't wireless, you will need to constantly invest in microphone cables. Always bring more than one to your gigs just in case. I use XLR cables, click "Shop" to get yours.


Music Stands

Sometimes I use physical music sheets and music books to perform. For those occasions, I prefer to use a conventional Music Stand. You can get yours here!

Speaker Stands

For all speakers, it is good to invest in a good stand. Not only will they make your setup look more professional, but they will also help the sound travel better from the speakers. Get them here!

IMG_20221231_135946_242 (1).jpg

Microphone Stand

Microphone Stands may seem like a very simple and affordable tool. But buying them in your local music store can be surprisingly pricey. Click "Shop" to get my recommendation on a good affordable Mic Stand.

In ears

In ears have become a very useful tool for professional singers. Especially when performing on bigger venues or for many people. Click "Shop" to get yours.

Small Portable Speaker

Most of my gigs are at wedding ceremonies, wedding cocktails and other small private events. So, getting a smaller, portable and wireless speaker has been the best investment for me. Now I can easily perform at any type of venue whether it is indoor, outdoor, with or without electricity. Plus my setup time is much shorter. Get the one I use here!

Pro Actor Tools

Ring Light
Ring lights have become the best tool. Whether it is for actors making their self-tapes, models, content creaters, artists, etc. They are a must-have for all your creative needs. Mine even comes with a little bluetooth  remote that connects to your phone. That way you can take pictures or record right from where you are. Get it here!
You don't need a pro camera for your self tapes. But if you wanna create great quality videos and content you can invest in a professional camera. By clicking "Shop" you'll find the Canon I use, which is one of the most affordable ones right now.
Back Drop
Sometimes our place doesn't have a space with the solid colored wall that casting directors demand for self-tapes. So it is necessary to invest in a back drop. Click "Shop" to get one one for you . 
Camera Tripod
When recording yourself or even with help, tripods are your best tool to get the best shots. Get yours by clicking "Shop".
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