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Are you a singer, actor or any other type of performer? Do you wanna start performing or record yourself but you don't have the right tools? 

On this page I will show you the best and most accessible gadgets and equipment I currently use or have used, both as a singer and as an actress. Whether it is for your self-tapes, content or your next gig, I hope you will find the perfect tools for your artistic work and expression. 

Just click on the "Shop" buttons below the categories you are interested in and start shopping!

Pro Singer Tools



Here are some of the microphones I've used and loved from my favorite brand.


Phone and Tablet Holders

Music stands are slowly becoming a thing of the past as more and more musicians use their phones and tablets to read their music. Click "Shop" to get the best phone and tablet Holders for your Mic Stand.

In ears

In ears have become a very useful tool for professional singers. Get the best one for you by clicking "Shop".


PA's and Speakers

After years of working with many different PA's and Speakers, I've come to realize that portable and battery powered speakers are the one's best suited for my needs as a wedding and event singer. If that is what you are looking for click "Shop" to get the one I use or the one best suited for you! 


Microphone Cables

If your microphone isn't wireless, you will need to constantly invest in microphone cables. Always bring more than one to your gigs just in case. I use XLR cables, click "Shop" to get yours.

IMG_20221231_135946_242 (1).jpg

Microphone Stands

Microphone Stands may seem like a very simple and affordable tool. But buying them in your local music store can be surprisingly pricey. Click "Shop" to get the best deals on them!


Music Stands

If you still prefer the more traditional Music Stand, click "Shop" to get the best deals on one.

Pro Actor Tools

Ring Lights
Self tapes have come to stay! We all know the one thing casting directors ask for a lot is good lighting on your videos. Ring lights are the best and most accessible tool for this. Mine even comes with a phone holder and a tiny bluetooth remote to record without touching my phone. Click "Shop" to get yours and record your best self tapes.
You don't need a pro camera for your self tapes. But if you wanna create great quality videos and content you can invest in a professional camera. By clicking "Shop" you'll find the Canon I use, which is one of the most affordable ones. Or get a more sophisticated one for yourself.
Back Drops
If your place doesn't have a space with a solid colored wall, you may want to invest in a back drop. Click "Shop" to get the one that's best for you!
Camera Tripod
When recording yourself or even with help, tripods are your best tool to get the best shots. Get the right one for you by clicking "Shop".
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